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Submitting to Multiplicity Blog

Multiplicity Blog accepts submissions throughout the year, with the exceptions of December and August, when we closeOur blog publishes two original nonfiction posts per week, one each Tuesday and Thursday. The blog does not have a set theme, but we prefer submissions that fit within the topics and mission described on our About Multiplicity Magazine page

We typically publish posts that are between 300 and 500 words, but we will consider submissions that are as short as a single sentence or as  long as 1,000 words. Blog submissions may include nonfiction prose,  poetry (one poem per post). We also accept original photography, either as a post unto itself or with accompanying explanatory text or captions (up to three photos per post).

To be considered for publication, posts must meet our guidelines. Please read the About Multiplicity Magazine page for more information about our preferred topics.

Our blog welcomes a wide array of short nonfiction including:

  • flash essay (any topic that fits with our mission statement)
  • memoir (“snapshot” life stories)
  • perspectives on the craft of writing and the journey to publication 
  • opinion pieces on current events and issues in the literary world
  • book and music reviews
  • travel pieces
  • food writing
  • science & nature writing
  • spiritual writing
  • health & wellness writing
  • poetry
  • humor pieces

Photographs should be original, royalty-free, and thematically relevant to Multiplicity’s mission and preferred topics.

All submissions to the Multiplicity Blog must be original works produced by the person who submits them. Simultaneous submissions are not accepted.

Multiplicity Blog submissions must be sent in digital format via our online submission form. Microsoft Word and Google Docs are  preferred for blog submissions. The text submitted should be in Times  New Roman or a similar serif font, 12 pt, with one-inch margins. Please include your name and the title of the work with your blog submission. All work should be carefully proofread before it is submitted.

Photographs should be submitted in a format and resolution that can be displayed on a Web page and opened in Photoshop. JPG and PNG, 150ppi  are preferred. Submitted images should not include vectors, layers, or  animations. We do not accept videos, illustrations, or other visual art  forms.

See our Usage Rights page for information about the rights we request upon publication.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.